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Bookkeeping services


By keeping your accounting and financial transactions accurate and up-to-date, Diaccount allows you to focus on growing your bottom line by having timely data and giving you more time to spend in the front office. As part of our bookkeeping service, we process your transactions to produce your financial reports on a timely basis so you can measure your results and understand exactly where you stand in managing your business.


At Diaccount our role is to provide you with peace of mind knowing your business financial transactions are being efficiently managed for you in a professional, quality manner, so that you know where you stand on a cash basis. We want to make this part of your daily business undemanding, simple, and stress-free!


Month-end closings


The monthly closing process is important because it provides management with vital financial information. The goal is to compile accurate financial statements that management can use to make business decisions.

The key activities include:

·        Preparing, reviewing, approving and posting journal entries

·        Preparing, reviewing and approving account reconciliations

·        Performing a variance or flux analysis to identify any potential errors

·        Consolidating ledgers

·        Preparing the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows


Financial statements


Financial statements are a collection of reports about an organization's financial results, condition, and cash flows. Understanding financial statements is essential to the success of your business. They can be used as a roadmap to steer you in the right direction and help you avoid costly breakdowns. Financial statements have a value that goes far beyond preparing tax returns or applying for loans.They are useful for the following reasons:

















To determine the ability of a business to generate cash, and the sources and uses of that cash.

To determine whether a business has the capability to pay back its debts.

To track financial results on a trend line to spot any looming profitability issues.

To derive financial ratios from the statements that can indicate the condition of the business.

To investigate the details of certain business transactions, as outlined in the disclosures that accompany the statements.


The financial statements must be filed at the Chamber of Commerce within 8 months of the year end, and within 2 months at the Tax authorities when the Profit Tax returns are received.


Payroll Services


Our payroll system includes all your small business needs, like deductions and payroll tax services. We can also make payroll calculations which suites your financial and business needs.

Our payroll services include filing the wage tax and social premiums declarations on a monthly basis.


Overall financial advice


Our specialist staff work with you to ensure that your financial objectives are identified, are clarified and ultimately, are achieved.  This occurs in a timely and efficient manner. Access to wisdom born of experience enables you to avoid the mistakes of others that have gone before you.  


Tax Services


We are working closely with fiscal experts that provides leading-edge taxation advice enabling you to manage your affairs. Our tax experts provide compliance services, amongst other filing your yearly profit tax returns and personal income tax returns, as well as overall tax advice. Your arrangements are managed within a framework that is designed to provide maximum tax efficiency.